RND STEP Sample and Hold by SSF and DivKid

Steady State Fate (SSF)

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RND STEP is a high performance, 3-channel sample and hold module, comprising of 6 separate noise & S&H circuits in just 4HP.

Each channel features two internal analogue pink noise generators, and two sample and hold circuits split across unipolar and bipolar outputs.The unipolar output always samples its own noise source for a stepped random voltage between 0-5V. The bipolar output by default samples it’s own noise source (for -5V to +5V stepped random). However, you can override that connection with the sample input. This allows for sampling external audio or CV signals, and it can sample voltages anywhere between -10V and +10V with the sample input.

RND STEP will operate at slow trigger rates and can generate extended hold times, whilst sustaining the voltage with extremely high precision. But it will also operate up through audio rates for destructive downsampling FX for audio. When triggered at audio rates RND STEP outputs downsampled and clocked noise tones from the internal pink noise generators. These can then be used for modulation, percussion or sound FX.

Trigger input 1 will normalise across all 3 channels, meaning a single trigger can give 6 unique random voltages, of which 3 are bipolar and 3 are unipolar. The combination of both ensures you have the right voltages in the correct ranges for the sources you wish to modulate.

RND STEP is a collaboration between Steady State Fate and DivKid. The potential range of patch applications for RND STEP is vast and a selection of patches are demonstrated in the announcement video https://youtu.be/hlcXvCN80jU .


  • 6 high performance analogue sample and hold circuits split across 3 channels

  • a mixture of both unipolar and bipolar outputs

  • Highly accurate sampling of external audio and CV sources

  • High hold times for accurately sustaining sampled voltages - especially crucial when used with pitch sequencing

  • Trigger input normalisation from channel 1

  • 4HP wide

Video - https://bit.ly/RNDSTEP-video
Website + info - https://bit.ly/RNDSTEP
Manual - https://bit.ly/RNDSTEP-manual
Modular Grid - https://bit.ly/RNDSTEP-modulargrid