Syntakt drum machine and synthesizer

Syntakt drum machine and synthesizer


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Elektron’s Syntakt is a 12 track drum computer and synthesizer - a sonic metropolis that melts analog and digital synthesis into one instrument of outrageous opportunity. All your sound crafting, sequencing, and performance needs are fulfilled in an all-round music mega-box that fits in your lap.

Syntakt is a drum specialist, full of percussive possibilities, but its 12 tracks can be used for melody, harmony, and bass sounds too. Experience epic sounds from the past, pulling others into existence from the future, using over 35 analog and digital machines. For the uninitiated, machines in the Elektron universe are special sound generators - synthesizers inside your synthesizer.

Affect the sound of each machine with the intuitive and playful graphics. Select and route your tracks, and external inputs, through the FX track. You've got delay, reverb, analog distortion and filters, and a couple of LFOs to play around with. Run wild and free with the four expressive modifiers, unleashing your sounds with different velocities, retrigs, and varied settings of other parameters. Access a variety of different scales via the keyboard mode - some familiar faces and some maybe a little less familiar - helping you discover new places and enabling you to things to another level. And last, but by no means least, the world class 64-step Elektron sequencer lets you bring dynamic soundscapes into existence.

The streets of Syntakt are never-ending, the neon lights are never-dimming, its underground is fathomless. Discover worlds within worlds. Adore now. Explore forever.


Digital track features (×8)

10 × selectable machine 1 × Bass drum

2 × Snare drum
1 × Cymbal/hihat 1 × Percussion
1 × Clap
4 × Tonal synth

1 × digital overdrive per track
1 × digital multimode filter per track 1 × digital base-width filter per track 2 × assignable LFOs per track Switchable to MIDI machine

Analog Drum track features (×3)

15 × selectable machine 6 × Bass drum

4 × Snare drum
2 × Rimshot
1 × Dual VCO synth 1 × Impulse
1 × Noise generator

1 × analog overdrive per track
1 × analog multimode filter per track 2 × assignable LFOs per track Switchable to MIDI machine

Analog Cymbal track features (×1)

12 × selectable machine 5 × Hihat

3 × Cymbal
2 × Cowbell
1 × Impulse
1 × Noise Generator

1 × analog overdrive per track
1 × analog multimode filter per track 2 × assignable LFOs per track Switchable to MIDI Machine

Performance features

1 × Retrig modifier
1 × Velocity modifier
2 × Assignable trig modifiers
Keyboard mode with 36 different scales

MIDI Machine features

4 note polyphony per step
8 × assignable CC controls
1 × assignable LFOs per track

Sequencer features

64 steps per pattern and track Individual pattern length per track Individual time scale multiplier per track Parameter locks
Trig conditions & trig chance
Micro timing

Send effects

Delay Reverb


128 × 64 pixel OLED screen
2 × 1⁄4” impedance balanced audio out jacks 2 × 1⁄4” audio in jacks
1 × 1⁄4” stereo headphone jack
48 kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D converters Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port
MIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN Sync out

Physical specifications

Sturdy steel casing
Dimensions: W 215 × D 176 × H 63 mm Weight: approximately 1.53 kg (3.6 lbs) 100 × 100 mm VESA mounting holes. M4.


Overbridge enabled
Class Compliant USB Audio External Input mixer
3 year Elektron warranty

Included in the box

Power Supply PSU-3c
Elektron USB cable
Quick Guide
Exclusive artwork & epic stickers