Tiny Midi Breakout

Tiny Midi Breakout

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The Tiny MIDI breakout provides 3.5mm TRS MIDI connectors for compatible modules with breakout headers - the disting mk4, disting EX, ES-9, General CV, and FH-2.

The six sockets can be shared amongst modules as needed. The module is entirely passive, and can be wired up for Type A or Type B 3.5mm MIDI.


The Tiny MIDI breakout's specifications are as follows:
  • Panel width: 2HP
  • Module depth: 30mm (including cables)
  • Current draw: none

In The Box

  • The module
  • Two M3x6mm screws
  • One four-way ribbon cable
The cable colours may vary from those shown below. The cable may be split into two two-way cables if desired. Extra cables are readily available from e.g. Adafruit, Amazon, Mouser etc. Search for "DuPont cables" or "jumper wires".

Connection Examples

The examples below show the breakout connected with the uppermost socket as the MIDI input and the one below that as the MIDI output, wired for a Type A 3.5mm MIDI cable.


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disting EX

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disting mk4

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