USB Extender 3U

USB Extender 3U

Intellijel Designs

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Up Top!

Extends any Micro USB connector on the back of a module to the front panel of your modular case.


Bring that USB connector to the front!

Originally designed for the Metropolix 1.4 USB MIDI update, the USB Extender extends the USB Micro connector on the back of a module, bringing it to the front panel for easy connection to your USB Host.

The 3U panel, includes a dual passive mult, which is great for splitting output signals to other modules. You can swap the panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The 1U panel does not have mults.

Also included is a 60CM Right-Angle Micro USB to Micro USB cable for routing the connection beneath the modules.

*USB Extender 1U/3U sold only as a pair.


Specs + Downloads

Width 2HP
Depth 40mm (w/ cable connected)
Power Passive
Manual Metropolix (v1.4 / 2022.04.04)
Metropolix (v1.3 / 2021.07.04)
Metropolix (v1.2 / 2021.04.25)
Metropolix (v1.1 / 2021.03.17)
Firmware No Firmware
ModularGrid ModularGrid