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Dual VCA

Tight, But Perfect Fit

A great fit for a small system or to fill in that last bit of space in your performance rack. Dial in the exact sweet spot with the variable control response. It can also act as a 2 channel mixer in a pinch. There's always room for a couple more VCAs in your patch.


Level Up Your System

VCAs are a critical building block for any modular system. The small 6hp size makes this module great for small cases, but a compact two channel VCA can always be a useful addition to any larger case. This module was adapted from a design by David G. Dixon.


  • Continuously adjustable curve response from linear to exponential.
  • Gain trimmer with above-unity gain
  • Dedicated CV attenuators
  • LEDs for monitoring CV signal

Specs + Downloads

Width 6HP
Depth 35mm
Power 36mA @ 12V
35mA @ -12V
Manual Manual (2021.08.03)
Firmware No Firmware
ModularGrid ModularGrid