Vidiot Standalone Video Synthesizer

Vidiot Standalone Video Synthesizer

LZX Industries

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The standalone, patchable analog video instrument.

Vidiot is the first standalone video synthesis instrument from LZX Industries, designed in collaboration with video synthesis pioneer Dan Bucciano. Capable of analog shape and pattern generation, external video processing, colorization, audiovisualization, keying, and much more.

  • A Complete Visual Instrument. Vidiot is a complete instrument for analog video synthesis and processing. Everything you need to connect to a display and create video art is in the box.
  • Past Tech Made New. We worked with video synthesis visionary Dan Bucciano to bring the design philosophy of the 1970’s into a totally new and groundbreaking device for video artists.
  • Modular Synthesis Compatibility. Vidiot is fully compatible with all existing LZX EuroRack video synth modules. Like our modules, any audio or control voltage source can be patched to any of its 13 patch inputs.

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Format: Standalone Desktop Synthesizer

Width: 7.1875 inches

Length: 5.675 inches

Height: 3.05 inches

Included Items: Vidiot, 5VDC 1.2A Universal Input Voltage Power Adapter (includes plugs for US, UK, EU, Australia and China), Video RCA Cable (5 ft), 2x Patch Cables (6 inch lengths, 1 red, 1 blue), Official Vidiot Birthday Party Hat, Vinyl Sticker