Voltage Lab 2

Voltage Lab 2

Pittsburgh Modular

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The Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab 2 is a innovative and complete sound design laboratory. This advanced synthesis tool offers a fresh palette of analog textures and waveforms, featuring new waveshaping capabilities and powerful synthesis features. The laboratory includes two distinct Laboratory Oscillators with unique waveshaping tools, creating a versatile sound design platform.

The Voltage Lab 2 also features the Pittsburgh Dynamics Controller, which adds organic depth and presence to the sounds by managing both amplitude and harmonic content. The Touch Controller 2 allows for flexible music creation, combining real-time, expressive playing with in-depth sequencing.

The instrument also includes a set of analog time-based effects, Florist and Echos, and a suite of fully modular, analog and digital synthesis tools. Comprehensive documentation will be available soon. Ideal for sonic researchers and music creators seeking a dynamic and expressive synthesis laboratory.