Zeroscope 1U

Zeroscope 1U

Intellijel Designs

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Dual channel oscilloscope, frequency meter and tuner

Show them you're a mad scientist

Sometimes your ears are not enough and you really need to see the sounds and control voltages you are generating. Zeroscope's two channel design lets you display and compare both control voltages and audio. It's a good old fashioned sci-fi light show!

The Zeroscope 1U is an adaptation of the excellent 3U Zeroscope by VPME.DE.

Three Modes Packed Into 1U

  • Scope — Standard graphical display, with time displayed on the X-axis and voltage displayed on the Y-axis.
  • X-Y — Alternate graphical display with CH 1 driving the X-axis and CH 2 driving the Y-axis.
  • Tune — Alphanumerical tuning display, which you can configure to show either Hz values or note names.

The Scope displays have adjustable display offset for each channel and an adjustable trigger threshold, while the tuner has options for reference pitch and average update speed.

Ins & Outs

The inputs are DC coupled and accept signals between -10V and +10V. The Signal on the input is normalled to the output below; this allows you to monitor or tune a signal without a mult or re-patching.


Specs + Downloads

Width 16HP
Depth 26mm
Power 8mA @ +12V
Timebase 10us – 10s per division
Voltage range 0.5V – 10V per division
Manual Manual (2019.01.08)
Firmware Mac / Win (1.2)
ModularGrid ModularGrid