Zeus Studio Bus

Zeus Studio Bus

Tiptop Audio

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Tiptop Zeus Studio Bus

Tiptop Audio’s Zeus Studio Bus is a high power, low noise, and low bleed system capable of supplying a robust amount of power. It is part of the Zeus Power System, which includes the Cincon-TTA power brick, and the Zeus Access. 

The Zeus Studio Bus contains discreet linear power regulators, 14 standard Eurorack power connections, and 2 Analogue Systems power connections. 

Zeus Studio Bus Features

  • Tiptop Audio Zeus Studio Bus Eurorack Power System
  • Includes Zeus Studio Bus Board
  • Studio-Grade Power
  • High-Power System
  • Guarantees low-noise and minimal bleed-through between modules
  • Simplifies wiring up power into cases that scale from a simple 3U row to complete was of modular synthesis
  • Users do not have to deal with hot AC power lines
  • Zeus Studio Bus Board is equipped with 14 Eurorack Standard power connectors and two AS (Analogue Systems) power connectors
  • Uses a Spring Action Connector to connect wires to and from the board — no special tools are needed
  • The Spring Action Connector provides multiple points of connection allowing for different types of power configurations — From simple daisy chains up to professional multi-thread star wiring
  • New Design of Discrete Linear Power Regulators
  • Designed to deal with systems with modules from many different manufacturers
  • Designed to handle high-current digital modules with ease
  • Prepare for use with the upcoming Tiptop Audio Analog Polyphonic System