Build Your Own Synth - Step 7: Completion

So Let's Complete The Build

Very tempted to fill that whole top row with other Mutant Drums but let's add a little variety shall we? Enter the Basimilus Iteritas Alter (BIA) arguably one of the most frenetic and diversely sounding percussive / lead modules you can buy.  Welcome to the family BIA!

Next Up To Bat...

To hit it out of the park is Clouds of course!  Yet another personal favourite of mine that delivers surprise after musical surprise.  Clouds is one of the modules that drew me into the eurorack format in the first place :)

Classic Noise Indeed

Rounding out my corner of effects module is this little power house delay called DLY from Synthrotek.  Just love how it goes from smooth sounding to raw while adding loads of character to the sound.  Perfect module for sending audio to the interface as well.  I put my delays at the end of the eurorack chain as I would my guitar pedals.

I Have A Bird That Sings

Or whistles or does anything you want and it's called the Arpitecht.  This thing delivers big time when it comes to generating memorable melodies on the fly.  It does go a little bonkers at times but spend effort taming it and you will be rewarded.  This bird deserves a lot more love then it gets on the interwebs.  

And To Hold It All Together

You need to have some MSCL!  Boost gain, add compression, change attack and release characteristics and sidechain input all in 4hp is a no brainer really.  This thing is like a mini mixer for all my drums - just crank up that gain when the beat drops!

et voilà!

Ain't she a thing of beauty.  Can't wait to see how it sounds!

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