Build Your Own Synth - Step 6: Mutant Drums Boat

Now comes the funnest part of the whole process and that's putting in the modules into your eurorack case. Here's a step by step guide for building your own Mutant Drums Boat.

Power Board Connections

Pictured below is the Tiptop Audio Studio Bus connection to the case jumpers and power switch.  The other pair of blue and red wires going off screen is connecting to the other Studio Bus in exactly the same way.  Once the connections are verified plug in the power and turn the case on.  If the lights on the boards don't come on immediately turn the case off quickly and check the connections.

Installing The First Module

We're finally ready to start the install proper. Here's the Mutant Bassdrum ready to move into a new home.  Use the "Nut Mover" to slide the necessary number of nuts into place on the rail.  To minimise rashes on the face plate of the modules avoid turning the screws too tightly.

No Thanks, I Don't Smoke

Give everything a test at this point. Check that the polarity on the module power cable is connected to the -12V on each end.  Plug in the power adapter to the case and turn the rig on.  No smoke?  Good.  Lets move on to the next step.

Piece Of Cake

Now we're starting to get the hang of it - it's a piece of cake really.  Mutant BD9 installed and Mutant Snare (one of my favourite modules) is jumping in the boat too :)

Video Games Anyone?

VCNO turns drum modules with external input into bit crushed goodness that sounds like Contra - remember that classic?

So Have You Been Checking...

the polarity on your cables? Let's not get ahead of ourselves and make sure we check with each module.

Last Mutant In the Boat...

Is a Mutant Clap. Let's give it a clap shall we? Doh bad joke! But no seriously I love all my Mutants the same :)

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